This is where it all begins! For many cast ons (and crochet!) you start out with a slip knot - it's the first stitch you'll put on your needle. Realistically, you've only got to make a slip knot once per project, but it's still a good idea to internalize it. Otherwise, you'll have to look it up every time you start a new project, and that's just not cool. Here, I'll show you two ways to make a slip knot - one of these two ways will feel natural to you. Use that one from here on out, and that'll make it that much easier to build muscle memory! Which way would you rather make your slip knot? Let us know in the comments - let's get started!

Tutorial Details

Materials: Yarn Skein (light-colored and chunky is best for this), Knitting Needles (you really only need one)

Difficulty: Absolute Beginner

Estimated Completion Time: 1 min

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